Removing the Confines of Glass Etching

Introducing the latest digital printing In-Glass innovation: Dip-Tech's Digital Etc

A breakthrough technology which provides a clean, modular, and safe way to achieve etching and frosted effects on glass.

Glass etching is the height of elegance. Beyond architectural esthetics and its inherent functionality, etched glass, combines design with durability. It has become commonplace in a multitude of exterior and interior glass design solutions.

Dip-Tech's patented Digital Etch is an advanced new method to produce glass etching which does away with the complex, dangerous processes and environmental issues involved in sand basting and especially in acid etching. Dip-Tech's Etch inks behave just like Dip-Tech's standard array of Spectrum inks while providing glass with the characteristic roughness and texture of etching- and this can be done in an amazing range of pastel colors.

We have taken etching out of its traditional limited implementation, and now provide glass processors with an innovative concept. This offers the broadest possible flexibility in artistic glass design for both interior and exterior environments.


Flexible - Providing light diffusion and sun control.
Advanced - Facilitates etching of intricate graphics and patterns.
Quality - Looks and feels like acid etched and sandblasted glass.
Multi-Color - Digitally mixed to create pastel colors. (available Q2/2012).
Safe - No dangerous acids or high-pressure sand blasting.
Environmentally Friendly - No toxic and polluting materials.