Beauty of digitally printed glass unfolds in Paris

Taking inspiration from the Japanese paper folding art of origami, Manuelle Gautrand Architecture has dressed up the façade of the French headquarters of Barclays bank in what looks like a random series of folded "pages" of marble. But just as origami is the art of folding one medium, paper, to create an object that looks like another, Manuelle Gautrand Architecture used the medium of glass to achieve the looks of marble.

This project was a renewal of an old building, with the retention of a four-level underground parking lot, in an historic and luxurious area of Paris, not far from the Arc de Triomphe and Place de l'Etoile. The newly designed area above ground includes 300 workspaces, luxury offices, a cafeteria and relaxation area, six meeting rooms, computer rooms, an archive store, two courtyards, and a roof-top garden/ terrace that has views over the prestigious location. The visual modernization had to be in keeping with the surrounding buildings, bringing new beauty to the area without radically changing it.

Digital in-glass printing trumps marble
The architects had originally planned to use real marble for the façade, but opted for digitally printed glass in order to maintain control of structural and aesthetic quality. Using digitally printed glass avoided the danger of decrystallization that can occur with extremely thin slices of marble. It also made it possible to ensure that the colors and tones of the panels would blend with those of the neighboring buildings. Dip-Tech's digital ceramic in-glass printing process was chosen, bringing additional sustainability advantages to the project as Dip-Tech digitally printed glass is an environmentally friendly, recyclable material.

The varied marble patterns were printed in glass by INTERPANE Sicherheitsglas in Germany. It used the only system capable of printing such high-quality, intricate patterns with outdoor durability that can stand up to hot Parisian summers and snowy winters - a Dip-Tech Digital In-Glass Printer using digital ceramic inks. The symmetrical panels resemble triangular book pages, spread open across the street-facing façade. The darker color tones in the center fade to lighter, finer hues on the edges.

The result is a stunning, intricate pattern, visible from both outside and inside the building, that adds depth and interest to the building façade.

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Project Details

Location/ Paris, France
Architect/ Manuelle Gautrand
Printed by/ INTERPANE Sicherheitsglas GMBH

Project Specifications:

Printed Area

900 m²

Number of Panels


Glass Type

66.2 Opt white TVG  laminated glass

Images partly copyright INTERPANE Sicherheitsglas ( and Manuelle Gautrand - Architecture (